Simple fractures can usually be treated conservatively with a cast or a splint.  However, when a complex bone injury occurs, the bone is unstable and can no longer support any weight. This is where an internal fracture fixation can help. Internal bone reconstruction uses sterile stainless steel or titanium plates, nails, wires, and/or screws to put damaged bones back together again.

Once the shattered or splintered bone has been internally reconstructed, it is stabilized and can heal in its proper anatomical place. This allows your body to move and function normally again.

The benefits of internal fracture fixation include:

  • Reduced time in the hospital
  • Faster return to normal activities
  • Improves proper bone healing
  • Reduces chances of bone misalignment

In some instances, injuries may require joint replacement rather than internal fracture fixation. We specialize in both procedures, so you can trust our expertise to help restore your body.