We understand the importance of making you feel welcome, and we will:

  • Welcome you with a smile
  • State our names and use yours
  • If we are unsure of your needs we will ask you if you need help
  • Endeavor to make you comfortable

We understand the need to render services with care, and we will:

  • Protect your privacy and dignity, knock before entering an exam room and discuss matters with you in private
  • Solve problems within our authority; if we can’t solve it, we’ll find someone who can
  • Respond in a timely manner and explain delays

We understand the need to be informed and understood, and we will:

  • Take time to listen and give you our full attention
  • Make explanations brief and easy to understand
  • Make sure you have the information you need
  • Explain what we are doing and why we are doing it

We understand the need to be treated with respect, and we will:

  • Include you in our conversations about your care
  • Be attentive, genuine and positive
  • Take the time to be courteous and considerate
  • Involve you in decisions that concern your care