Stem cell injections are used to help both elderly patients and athletes overcome the pain and discomfort associated with various types of injuries or health conditions.

The Procedure
Through a small needle stick, the bone marrow is extracted from the pelvis. It is then spun in a machine to separate out only the stem cells, which is then injected into the area of injury and begin to transform into the type of cells that are needed at the injury site.

The Benefits of Stem Cells
The benefits of using this specific stem cells procedure is that they are taken from the person’s own body. They do not have to be harvested from embryos or other donors. This help the body regenerate new bone or other types of tissue which accelerates the healing process.

Procedures that involve injections are much less invasive and complicated than those where an actual surgery is performed. Injecting a person’s own cells into the joint results in less swelling and inflammation. Because there is less trauma to the surrounding tissues, the site of the injury or chronic illness is more likely to respond much faster to the treatment.

Recovery and Long Term Effects
The results of stem cell injections will last much longer than other procedures, such as cortisone or Platelet Rich Plasma(PRP) injections. Part of the reason for this is that a large dose of the person’s own stem cells are used to help tissues in the body not only heal, but regenerate new tissue. The process of regeneration produces healthier, stronger tissues instead of scar tissue that is often tight and not very flexible.

For an athlete, using stem cell injections allows for recovery that is longer lasting and less likely to sustain another injury. Elderly patients who are suffering from chronic conditions such as†osteo- and rheumatoid arthritis, stem cell injections provides a significant improvement when it comes pain, and longer lasting than cortisone injections. Studies suggest that individuals with arthritic knees can benefit from the use of stem cell injections.

Why the Procedure Should Be Considered
Athletes and the elderly who are considering stem cell injections should remember that there is no foreign cells used in the procedure. By using the person’s own stem cells, the body heals much faster and more completely than if a surgical procedure was performed. The recovery time is also much less than if an invasive surgery was performed. Mobility is extremely important for both athletes and the elderly.